Information provision on the road


We are mobilising our own workforce to deliver the best information to every corner of Scotland through face to face and digital channels, including our online community platform, a fleet of Coo Vans and other outreach activity.


As part of VisitScotland’s strategy to provide information and inspiration to visitors out with an iCentre (Information Centre) environment we will once again be taking our mobile information team to a number of high-profile events and locations in 2017.


By taking our passionate staff on the road we can extend the 'personal touch' to visitors and deliver information where they want it, rather than expect them to come to us. This activity allows us to pass on information about things to see and do and encourage everyone to get out and do more not only in the immediate local area, but throughout Scotland.
This year's programme continues to build on the success of 2016, with the season kicking off at the Caravan, Motorhome and Holiday Home Show in February and 25 events later, after a number of additional appearances at fixed and partner sites throughout the year, finishing with The 50+ Show in November.
Some other 2017 events where you can see our knowledgeable and enthusiastic staff in action include the Scottish Traditional Boat Festival, Glasgow Mela, and Galloway Country Fair, whilst in golf, at the Aberdeen Asset Management Scottish Open and Ricoh Women’s British Open.

To complement VisitScotland’s presence at fixed events, we will also continue to deliver outreach activity on a day to day basis with our herd of Highland Coo Vans.


Our fleet of four ‘coos’ and their 'Coo-visors' will be driving across the country engaging with locals, visitors and industry. The Coo Vans will attend around 75% of all the events where we have a presence in 2017.
As well as providing information and inspiration, outreach activity allows us to promote our website and the rich content available to visitors pre, during and post their stay. Industry partners also have the opportunity to join us at some events and provide experiential activities (e.g. food sampling) to further engage visitors and enhance our presence.


In 2016 our outreach programme reached a combined footfall of 1 million visitors, handed out 10,000 pieces of print and our Coo Vans were out on the road for 200 days visiting events, venues and tourism hotspots.


Outreach coo-van and coo-visors

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